Why some Pokémons are highlighted in blue?


Very often I have been asked the question: “why some captured Pokémon are highlighted in blue?”. Recently I began to notice that some pokemons have a blue aura, while others do not … Are Pokemons with a blue aura stronger? Do they have some kind of special attack or more HP? Let’s deal with this.

Without hesitation, I began to study the list of Pokémon and firstly I began to compare characteristics of Pokemon. Then I started playing with the sort type switching on Combat Power alphabet and number. There is no backlight trend but when I returned to the standard list sorting by time capture Pokémon (RECENT), then immediately everything fell into place. All Pokémon with a blue aura lined up in a row and it became clear that the lights simply shows later captured Pokémon. Now you can quickly and easily find the list of Pokemon and compare with those who have already been caught .

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