Update 0.151.0 for Pokemon Go. What is new? Download

download Update 0.151.0 for Pokemon Go

On August 8th, Pokemon Go developers released a new version of the game. The current version of the game for today is 0.151.0. The following changes await you in this update:

  • New minigames in Battle Minigames. Find new games and start testing them. Choose a game to your liking
  • New Challenges Join the Team GO Rocket Grunts and take part in all competitions
  • Try to find Shadow Pokémon –  the mysterious Pokémon. Perhaps luck will smile just for you, who knows
  • Thanks to the new Appraisal Tool  you can learn more about your Pokémon in more detail and deeper.
  • In addition, in this update, the developers fixed all the bugs and errors that occurred in the application earlier. Now playing has become even more interesting and fun.

You can download the new update on our website. Also on our site you will find many of the most popular and useful hack mods and bots for the game.

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