[Tutorial] How to unban on IP?

okayfreedom intdle

Hello everyone,

IP banned? Here’s your solution!

First, check whether there is a ban of your account. Configure and run QuickSpin, if you wrote that there is no nearby pokestops, then read on.

1. Download and install okayfreedomintdle.exe (2,63 MB) When installing in the first window you can not enter the mail.

okayfreedom intdle

2. Go to the OkayFreedom promo page, enter your existing email and enter the captcha and click “Send”.


send okayfreedom

3. Go to your email and find there a letter. Copy from there the premium code (in ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP-QRST-UVWX-YZ12-3456 format).

4. Find the icon near the clock automatically running program (in the form of the eye), we click any button in an open the console and press Enter Premium Code (Serial Number), enter the code and click “Redeem”.


You get a year flatrate (unlimited secure traffic)! After the volume of traffic falls to 2000 MB per month.

Now, each time, to remove the ban, it is necessary to click on the icon of the program by the clock, change the drop-down list country and click to “On”. Pokestops appear almost immediately. Probably, right before this disconnect all bots.

In general ban by IP thus removed, but the consequences are unknown. It may well be that in the frequent change of IP give permanent. Although he has long since deserved 🙂

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  1. SomeGuyLikeYou says: Reply

    > ” It may well be that in the frequent change of IP give permanent.”
    > “Although he has long since deserved”

    Well that doesn´t really make any sense in English 🙂 Have you used Google Translate for the last paragraph?

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