TuringBot v.0.2.1


TuringBot – considered one of the safest bots for Pokemon Go. After entering the permanent ban, tens of thousands of accounts have been blocked. Players want to find a safe bot, and especially for them has been developed – TuringBot. Also in the new version of the bot added support HTTP(S) proxy.



Start the first time TuringBot.exe, press any key (will be created configs)
Enter your Google account credentials in auth.json

“GoogleUsername”: “email google”,
“GooglePassword”: “Password google”,

Edit the config file for themselves config.json. Enter it in their initial coordinates, etc.
Then you can re-run TuringBot.exe


TuringBot_22.08.16 (2.53 Mb)

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4 Comment

  1. jacob says: Reply

    how do i do it through ptc

    1. 123456 says: Reply

      “AuthType”: “Ptc”,

  2. wwlool says: Reply

    Why can not the proxy settings?

  3. sammy says: Reply

    not working even after updating google id and password. Is there any other config change?

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