Tips for players Pokemon GO.


1. Do not waste Stardust

In the beginning a lot of dust, and the power-up cheap. Do not give in to temptation!

2. Arenas? At first, ignore them.

The first 10 levels better catch, learn and study places.

From 10-15 levels better walk through the area with friends or players from team, repel the arena or get arena  leaving your Pokémon. Each arena whis your pokemon brings you 10 coins and 500 dust daily.

3. Decide who you will evolve.

In most cases this means cheap on evolution Pokémon (Beedrill, Pidgeot, Eevee). Especially do not miss Eevee, catch them if you can – they’re good! By 10 level you should have enough sweets on a couple of these evolutions.

4. Send out the extra Pokémon with Transfer

5. For the animals with three stages of evolution do not evolute by steps.

6. Use dust on very, very rare Pokémon.

7. Leveling evolution of Pidgey | Weedle

Especially effective at lower levels. If you’ve got Lucky Egg do not waste it. Leave it for later. Soon you will realize that the world has captured the Pidgey and Weedl’y and sweets for them will be enough for a small confectionery factory.

Find a comfortable place to sit, use the egg. Evolve all these Pokémon once. (It costs only 12 chocolates for Weedle, Pidgey, and if you have, Caterpie). You will receive 1000 HP for each evolution. Then transferte evolved Pokemon – do not swing at all Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Butterfree. The result will be greater than those animals that you had before. The result – 2-3 levels and 2-3 new superpokemons.

8. Choose your own “gang” in the manual attack .

When attacking arenas game offers what it considers a good team. It is not always so. You can click on Pokémon and choose another Pokémon, or change the order.

9. To raise the prestige of your team’s arena, you do not necessarily beat all the Pokémon in it.

Some people leave at “garbage” instead of strong Pokemon. If you come to the arena, leave something good. If you come get arena, and there 6 strongest Pokemon – do not lower hands! You can pump it, not even breaking all (it is just a little longer).

10. If you have a stable internet connection, often restart the game.

11. Always keep the eggs in incubators and do not waste the 10 kilometers.


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