The 5 best ways to play better in POKEMON GO


Raising your coach – it is the best and fastest way to progress in Pokemon GO. When your coach reaches higher levels, he or she can capture a much more powerful Pokémons. To get fast results in Pokemon GO, you need get as much experience (XP) as possible and very soon.

The key to fast results in such games is actions that bring maximum experience in minimum time and ignore actions that bring a little experience. Pokemon GO in this regard is virtually identical.

How to quickly raise your Pokemon GO
There are many different ways to get XP in Pokmon GO. For some actions and achievements in the game you will receive a minimum amount of experience, while for others you will be well rewarded. So, we are pleased to present to you the 5 best ways to get experience points in Pokemon GO.

  1. Catches Pokemon


Well first method is quite obvious. Catches Pokemon – is one of the best ways to get fast results in game. Also you will get experience points for skillfully throwing poketball. In addition to gaining experience for the capture any pokemon, you will also receive additional experience for the capture of any new Pokemon. And this additional experience will be even more than basic! Capturing Pokemon allows particularly rapid progress in the early stages of the game.

2. Catching eggs Pokemon


In Poketstop you can caught Pokemon egg. When you walk about one kilometer from the egg will hatch Pokémon. For his hatching, you get experience and more experience if you have not caught this Pokémon earlier.

3. Pokémon Evolution


During capture Pokémon you will get a certain number of fragments evolution. Each type of Pokémon needs a certain amount of debris to pokemon could evolve. When you find a sufficient number of Pokémon of a certain type, crystal evolution is full and you will be able to perform a certain type of Pokémon evolution.

Collection of fragments can take a long time, but for the evolution of the Pokémon you’ll get more experience than for the catch pokemons. So try to develop their own Pokemon. This will not only strengthen your team, but also give you a lot of experience, which will help to increase your level

4. Train and Battle in Gimms


To find Gimmy is not so easy as to find Pokestop, but if you find Gim, it can greatly help you in getting the experience. Do your best to find a friendly Gimmy, especially if you are a beginner. Friendly Gimm will give you the opportunity to gain experience without fight with the enemy.

Also you can try to fight with Gimm from other team but this task is not so simple. At first look, what Pokemon protect Gim. If you are confident in the victory, then go ahead, because you’ll get experience for each defeated enemy Pokémon.

5. Visit pokestop


During your travel, you will meet on your way a lot of pokestop. They will give you pokeballs, Pokémon eggs, etc. And also you will get a little experience from visiting pokestop. However, you can visit many pokestops for a short time and gain experience, which will advance the novice player.

If you want to quickly get results in the game Pokemon GO, make sure that you use the time in the game effectively. Try to minimize all activities that do not bring you experience and do more activities that bring experience.

Capture Pokémon, hatching eggs Pokemon, evolution Pokemon, training and battle in Gimms, visit pokestops – these  are simple steps that very quickly raise the level of your player’s Pokemon GO.

So, today we learned how to quickly raise the level  in Pokemon GO.

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