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  • Where to find Pikachu?


    The first method is very simple! All of you remember that in the beginning of the game you are given a choice between three Pokémons – Chermanderom, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But not many people know that if they do not catch them and pass away then the first will appear Pikachu. Most likely, this is a reference […]

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  • The guy in the USA caught all Pokemons!

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    Today, well-known Reddit site was published an article in which one guy shows all caught Pokémons. At the moment, there are only 142 of them. On the screenshot attached comment of this great catcher Pokemons: “I caught every Pokemon currently available in the United States.” Well, we can congratulate him, he passed the game Pokemon Go 🙂

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  • How to attack correct


    A simple method of evasion and attack will help you cope with the enemy any level. It is enough to follow the yellow “flash” your opponent and immediately dodge the impending attack. At the beginning of each battle your enemy will immediately attack 2 times. Now you know you need to dodge quickly! After dodging (holding […]

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  • Tips for players Pokemon GO.


    1. Do not waste Stardust In the beginning a lot of dust, and the power-up cheap. Do not give in to temptation! 2. Arenas? At first, ignore them. The first 10 levels better catch, learn and study places. From 10-15 levels better walk through the area with friends or players from team, repel the arena or get arena […]

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  • How to catch Pokémon after level 20


    Hunting on Pokemon is a main task of the game. You need to find as much creatures as you can. But catch them become harder and harder with any new level. Pokemon will be able to run after several attempts to catch them or begin to better evade from pokeball. In this tutorial we will see how to catch […]