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Hello everyone,

I’ll tell you about my method of hacking. Essentially the same FakeGPS, just do not need to constantly switch between applications. In the corner of the game there is a small map, through which you can easily navigate between pokestops, Gyms and catch Pokemon, simulating walking.

All that you will need:

– The device is installed with xposed
– Module Hide Mock Location
– Floater Fake Location
Links to all there below!

How to install:

1. Install the module Hide Mock Location, reboot the device. Run module, looking at PokemonGo application list and put a check beside it.
2. Turn on the device settings “Allow mock locations”
3. Go to Settings> location, select “Only by GPS sensor”
4. Install the application Floater Fake Location, in the window that appears, select the desired location (careful, do not do “teleportation” around the world, or you will get ban), and click the start button

5. Done! Start the game and gradually moved his position, so to simulate walking!


Hide Mock Location (1.5 Mb)

Floater Fake Location – Google Play

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