Sensation: map created absolutely all the Pokemon in Pokemon GO


Programmer Ahmed Almutava published on the GitHub script, which allows you to create a complete Pokemon map of the popular game Pokemon GO. The script uses the detected vulnerability in their software.

How it works
Using the source code provided by a programmer, it is possible to receive all the map pokemons which the current time are adjacent to said point. The fact that the game server Pokemon GO in response to a request from any location coordinates returns all game monsters next to this place.

Action code Almutava demonstrated by the example of one of the districts of the city of Boulder (Colo., USA). In addition, the map shows how many times a certain point will be every pokemon.

Do you think that after such a discovery Pokemon GO game come to an end?

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  1. iliaSerin says: Reply

    Takes a life time to get to the start screen. And I donno which writing this is, but I can’t read it. Was so happy that I got it installed now with ur help, but unfortunately can’t use it :/ guess I still have to buy a new tablet :/ Thanks though for this app!

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