Safety in the game POKEMON GO


Sometimes players  Pokemon Go can get troubles  in the game, so I decided to make an article, where I will give some tips to protect you and try to protect your from various incidents)

1. Do not overtire (even if you want to find the coveted Pokemon, do not forget that if you suddenly fall from sunstroke or forget to eat, and you have a sore stomach – the joy of being caught will be much less bright)
2. Be sure to know where you are and always look around (too carried away by the game can be tripped over or something worse)
3. At night it is best do not walk alone in unfamiliar places (there are many cases of robberies players or either you can get lost)
4. Try do not to walk in search of Pokemon on private property or any other prohibited locations. (Not all people can understand that you only play the game – and you may have trouble with the law)
5. Also, do not direct phone with activate the camera on other people without their permission (this can be seen as an invasion of privacy)
6. To not overshadow your adventures,  buy yourself a cover-battery or Power Bank ( I missed Ponitu because my phone sat)
And in any case, can not stand the competition of the game factions in reality (it is just a set of pixels but not real life)

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