Russians caught 145 Pokémon and broke the world record


Can a coach to catch the most Pokémon in the world even fack that official game Pokemon Go has not come out in Russia? Do not hurry to answer this question. Today, large and small news agencies engaged in “chewing” updates – Russian broke the world record for catching Pokemon and was able to gather in his collection 145 beautiful pokemons. The previous record belonged to the coach of the US, who was able to find “only” 142 Pokémon.

But how simple Russian student Georgy Timofeev (nickname in Pokemon Go Gosha443) could catch a Pokémon that does not live in Russia? They hatched from the eggs! It is so simple =) To gather such an impressive collection he walked only 59 kilometers.


Editions seems very doubtful that achievement – not whether there cheating? What do you think?)

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