PokeVision Finder- program for Pokemon Go


Today we would like to introduce you with a new program for Pokemon Go. This program will allow you to quickly and easily catch any Pokemon. All you need is only enter their names, and the program will show the coordinates of the  Pokemons. It sounds great, is not it?

Program Installation:
– Download and install Python 2.7.
– Open it and move Requests folder in the C: \ Python27 \ Lib.
– This program only works with PokeSniper2 v1.7, so download it
– Put in PokeVisionFinder Sniper folder PokeSniper2
– Fill user.xml, which was in PokeSnipera2
– To avoid the ban you need to write the password, login, account coordinates
– Write down the names of the Pokemon you want to catch in catch.txt
– Editing RunPVFcatchfile.bat
– The program can see strange symbols – this argument. Arguments write a space.
– Save and run RunPVFcatchfile.bat


What means arguments:
-h – this help
-m – mod
-s – the program will only give the coordinates.
-l – program will catch Pokemon forever.
-L – Pokemon write in the log.
-c -use catch.txt.
-C – No color in the program to use.
-f – scan any area.

Download program:

Release32 (5 MB)

Release (8 MB)

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