PokeSniper2 v1.23 Pokemon Sniping Bot


Hello everybody,
We present to your attention a very useful tool for to catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

PokeSniper2 – a small, but very useful program that is able to catch any Pokémon in any locations no matter where you currently are.

How to start:

Download and unzip the archive.
Run the file PokeSniper2.exe

Configure the a file “user.xml” parameters for the inputs.

To just do not get banned in Pokemon Go  you need to edit the file device.xml to which you need to make settings on your phone.

Where can I find rare Pokemon?

Coordinates rare Pokémon can be found on the developer’s site


pokesniper2_v1-23 (888 Kb)

PokeSniper app bot (tool) [Android version]

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22 Comment

  1. ramos says: Reply

    can’t catch any pokemon, in writing this pokemon pokesniper2 not here, all of them pokemon

  2. John Reyes says: Reply

    Windows cannot open the file. how to do it?

  3. Adrian says: Reply

    i don’t see where i can enter my google password in the user.xml of this version, the old version had it though

    1. gio says: Reply

      same pls help

  4. Marcus says: Reply


  5. Lol

  6. AppleButt says: Reply

    The android version is better than this

  7. PokeSnipper says: Reply

    i got error, how to solve?

  8. Tim says: Reply

    Will pokesniper2 / pokezz ever be back up?

  9. ik says: Reply

    dont work anymore 🙁 🙁

  10. YourMom says: Reply

    I don’t get this

  11. Chris says: Reply

    Its good

  12. Prayaa says: Reply

    Very dho

  13. Susan says: Reply

    It’s very nice

  14. andy says: Reply

    does not work…

  15. dann says: Reply

    New version?

  16. I love pokemon sniper.

  17. I love pokemon sniper

  18. Agung says: Reply

    don’t work anymore 🙁 :'(

  19. Apit says: Reply

    this version stil can use with new API 0.51?

  20. Cecilia says: Reply

    If u get this is it going to a waist of time to get this app? Does it even work or nah?

  21. Denise says: Reply

    Doesn’t work on iPhone

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