Pokeradar 3.1.0 for GO


Hello everyone,

Short description:
Search Pokemon on the map. This is not a map, fill users. Pokeradar – Search Pokemon in real time. Based on the hack used in phyton map.

Pokemon Search on the map in real time. Based on the hack used in PokemonMap application on Python.

It is convenient to carry with them while walking.

This application is used and similar vulnerability server code games that contradicts the user agreement of the game Pokemon Go. It is therefore recommended to create a new Google account are  to working with Pokeradar. This will eliminate the risk of a ban of the game your main account.

3 pokemap 2

Instructions for using the application:

1. Download and install the app.

2. It is advisable to register a new account in Google to work with the application. So you will avoid the risk of blocking your main game account.

3. After the registration process, go to the app with your login and click on any point on the map where you want to search for Pokemon. In place of the click will be red sight – within a radius of 1 km from it will be searched.

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