POKEMON GO: Purchared account may be suspended?


Selling Pokemon GO accounts has become a new trend since the start of the game. People buy accounts at once to get the higher level and rare Pokémon. Nevertheless, Niantic and Nintendo fans have been warned about the use of cheats in the game Pokemon GO, which allows no gaming experience cheat data.

So what happens when you sell or buy an account?

Niantic Labs developer of computer games has clarified its stance against cheating in the game. On their official website the company has shared a long list of guidelines, which each player must follow. Management expects that the use of multiple accounts to play the game is absolutely unacceptable. In identifying violations, the account will be blocked immediately.

Pokemon GO allows players to report accounts of those who violate the rules of the game. The company said that it would consider the reports and accounts of players marked, and if the player has violated the rules – the account will be temporarily blocked. It can also result in permanent account suspension.

In the past few days, receive a lot of reports that people have started to sell their accounts Pokemon GO for hundreds of dollars. This is certainly a very attractive and profitable business, but the company does not recommend buy or sell accounts. Very large shansy that these accounts can get a lifetime ban.

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