Pokemon GO Plus – search for Pokemon can be easier!


Pokemon Go Plus – a special device, small size, which can be carried in a pocket or hand. It helps you to play the game Pokemon Go without holding phone in your hand! Throught bluetooth you will combine a bracelet with a phone and smartphone energy consumption will less than the constantly enabled game. And after connection device with LED-light and vibration will notify you about Pokemons.

But that’s not all, in addition to notification of Pokemons, Pokemon Go plus helps to interact with pokestop. Passing pokestop bracelet will vibrate and simply pressing the button on bracelet, you automatically activate pokestop and collect all resources.

Also, if nearby is pokemon you have already caught, then Pokemon Go plus vibrate and flashes, then you will only have to press the button on the bracelet to throw at him pokeball and if you catch it, the bracelet will give you to know about it . And all of this without taking your smartphone out of your pocket!

Where you can buy Pokemon GO plus?

Untile (07/17/2016) nowhere. But representative from Nintendo announced during E3 conference that bracelet Pokemon Go Plus will be available in July 2016 and will cost $ 34.99.


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