Pokemon Go: how to use the incense and lures modules to catch Pokemon.


What is Incense? How to catch Pokemon using Incense?

Incense is an item that will help you to catch more Pokémon, being in one place. Incense lure Pokémon close to your location. So, you can catch a lot of Pokemon, without making much effort. The effect lasts for 30 minutes. When you activated it, there is a countdown and all this time, even if you exit the game, the incense will action.

How to activate box with incense?

  1. Click on pokeball in the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on the elements
  3. Click on incense


On the screen above the player will be box with incense. If you click it will activate box with incense. Then you will see swirling globe with gas around the avatar. Also there will be a timer in the top of right corner in screen. After all action you can expect an influx of Pokemon. Incense will be a key element in capturing some Pokemon.

Note: Incense cost money, so you will need some Pok?coins. You can earn Pok?Coins in the game or buy coins in app store for money.

How to put lures modules in Pokemon Go?

The lures modules, like incense, is a kind of accelerator to catch Pokémon. Working with them is as simple and does not require any special knowledge.

1.Make sure in availability of modules.
2.Now go to the nearest pokestop.
3.Click on the small pill in pokestop. Opens module
4.Select the module and set the lure. Waiting for Pokemon!

And now a little bit about  difference incense from lures modules …

The first difference – the duration. Incense – 30 minutes, lures modules – 15 minutes.
Incense can be used moving in any place, while lures modules may be used only in pokestop.
Incense attract Pokemon only for you, while the module attracts Pokémon for all present at pokestop (really good way to spend time with your friends while enjoying the game).
We do not recommended to use both things at the sometimes


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