Pokemon Go: green screen, what to do?

pokemon go green screen

Friends, the problem of a green screen and game to crush became common. Blame the weak device, as a rule. Several recommendations on how to solve these problems.

Crashes game Pokemon Go

1. Download GLtools program (requires a Root right). In Google play was only paid version.

2. Give Root rights, and set all the checkboxes. The machine must be restarted.

3. Looking for the game Pokemon Go, anti-aliasing is turned off and set a tick point by point:
– Enable the settings for this application
– 16-bit rendering (reduces the number of colors on the screen)
– Optimize GLSL shaders
4. Next, reduce the texture in the menu “Reduce texture” to the desired result.
Try to run and play.

Green screen problem

1. Download GLtools program (requires a Root right).
2. Run Pokemon Go.
3. To scroll through the list to the bottom, click Masking the GPU, then set the «Tegra 2 (O2X)
Again, try to run the game and enjoy.

Friends, all manipulations you do at your own risk!

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