Pokemon GO: Error «onboard avatar already set»

Error «onboard avatar already set»


Option 1:

You may be able to log in to your account “Pokemon Trayner Club”.

  • Option 2:
    Install Xposed Framework application (program requires Root rights).
  • In the settings mark “Do not change resources”
  • Open the menu of the program. Choose Framework. Click “install / upgrade”. After installation, restart the device.
  • Open Xposed, click on the download and search RootCloak. Select the newest (with 5.x and 6.x support), click on it, go to the version and download / install the latest version.
  • Open Xposed menu, click on Modules and check (mark) RootCloak application. You must restart the device again.
  • After restarting the device, open the app RootCloak – Add / Remove Programs – click on the + and find Pokemon Go.

Note: All manipulations are carried out at your own risk! If you are unsure of anything, do not proceed with the implementation of this manual!

The solution or is not a solution of the problem write in comments to this post. Thank you for attention!

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  1. Michel Martin says: Reply

    Pour moi ça ne marche pas.
    J’ai essayé avec rootcloack et rien du tout.
    Je désespère

  2. Michel Martin says: Reply

    Finalement j’ai réussi il faut dans paramètres désactiver la fonction développeur

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