POKEMON GO: 5 inactive functions in the game

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  1. The best ways to keep track of Pokemons

Who watches the game from begining knows that the functionality of the beta – test was much wider. In the first trailer to the game can be seen that users can keep track of Pokémon not only by the footsteps, but to see the direction of movement Pokemons and the exact distance. Agree, is not a bad way to capture Pokémon.


2. Exchange of  Pokemons.

Beta – testers  reported that this feature enclosing the code of the game. So, we can only wait when the exchange of Pokemon will become a reality.


3. PvP or battle against each other.

The same function is already sewn into the game code. The idea of PvP will refresh the game and will be a good occasion for fees. Excitement to fight with the other team’s opponents and become the best! And Gym of your team will be to pump much faster.


4. Legendary Pokémons.

Legendary Pokémon – the goal of most players. It is unknown now whether there is an opportunity to catch these Pokémon as usuall or legendary Pokemon can see and catch a large official events from game developers.


5. Team battle.

Gather your team and defeat your opponents! While this feature is not found in the code of the game, but many players believed that all subsequent updates will be!


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