Pokémon GO 1.1.0 IOS (TWEAKED)

pokemon go ios patch

Hello everybody,
Meet the two patched version to hack ipa.

WARNING: Uninstall original Pokèmon Go app first! This app does not install as a duplicate.

Tweaked version:

Author: PokeGo++ by @miniroo321 and @unlimapps
– Tap to walk anywhere in the map (you need to be faced north).
– Simple joystick to move around.
– Different types of speed available (1X, 2X, 4X).
– Patrol an area in a circle to hatch eggs faster without even touching the screen.
– Enhanced throw.
– In-App geo spoofing (walk anywhere in the map).
– New amazing radar for nearby Pokèmon was finally added! Find Pokèmon faster!

Download: Pokemon_GO_1.1.0_patched.ipa (81 Mb)

Pokémon GO Alternate version (TWEAKED)

— Yet another Tweaked Pokèmon GO App. We are not the creators of this. **
—  This app installs as a duplicate, there’s no need to delete the original version. **
— Do not install if you have a jailbroken device, it won’t let you login. **
— WARNING: the default location is San Francisco. As soon as you login you will be teleported there. Therefore, you will most likely get soft banned (unless you live near Union Square), and you won’t be able to catch any Pokèmon. The ban will go away in ~4hrs. **
— TIP: you can avoid soft ban at first launch in this way: after installing, enable airplane mode, open app, do not login but click on the teleport button and input your own coordinates. Then close the app, disable airplane mode and play the game normally. **
— Home button in top left will redirect you to Union Square, San Francisco, and this cannot be changed yet. **

– At startup, the last location from the previous login is used.
– Simple draggable gamepad, which makes it easier to move around.
– Three different types of speed available (walk, run, drive).
– In-app geo spoofing (latitude and the longitude needed). Keep in mind that teleporting too far in a short time can cost you a soft ban, and you won’t be able to catch any Pokemon or collect items at PokeStops. The ban will last approximately 4 hours.


Pokemon_GO_1.0.2_patched_chinese.ipa (69 Mb)

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