PokeBot.Ninja – Bot with UI v93


PokeBot.Ninja – HTML renderer for bots Pokemon GO; PokeBotNinja – bot with an interface for Pokemon GO.

Bot is written in Java. Therefore, you need to have installed / updated the latest version of Java Software.

Bot can be run on any system, it is cross-platform.



Scr8_PokeBotNinja Scr6_PokeBotNinja Scr5_PokeBotNinja Scr4_PokeBotNinja

How to install:

Install the latest version of Java Software
Run the start bat.cmd file
Enter your account credentials.


And Device_info in the Device Emulator



PokeBotNinja-v93 (14 Mb)

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  1. Dragonite

  2. Banana

  3. SomeGuyLikeYou says: Reply

    Have you done a little bit of testing how fast accounts get banned with your bot?
    At what level? Usually Niantic bans bot accounts as soon as they hit Lvl 25-30 and start a gym fight. And then place a Dragonite there with 100% perfect IV´s 🙂
    Although they can detect bots easily before they reach Lvl 25, as long as you´re not occupying gyms they don´t care about your botting. More players -> Better marketing figures and everyone is happy at Nintendo/Niantic. And they ignore the fact that probably 20-30% of all players worldwide are map scanners or bots 🙂

    Most of the other bots out there work fine as long as you´re running them on your local machine. But as soon as you start using the same account with the official game client on your phone -> BAM! Banhammer. Because Bots generally send the SAME hardware config of an Android Phone with every request. Now imagine the thousands of people that use bots, strangely they all have the same Device. And they are much more effective players than everyone else.
    And then once they switch the device, Niantic knows that it´s very unlikely for a legit player to have the Android Phone, with the same hardcoded device values that every other bot is using, and then suddenly switch to an iPhone. Or another Android Phone with a completely different hardware configuration.

    This makes it almost too easy for Niantic to detect…

    Any info on that? What device_info values does your bot send? Hardcoded values or customizable?

    Since most other bots ignore the device_info, maybe you should look into this (if you haven´t already!).

    1. Marcos Weiler says: Reply

      You don’t know what are you talking aboult!
      I’m boting for months with several accounts, with more than 1.000 gym fight each, dominating gyms all over my city (several accounts at the same gym) and only a couple of acounts were banned.
      Also, any good bot can be configured to change the device identity. Every single bot user will have a different device info value.
      Really, you don’t know what are you talking about. LoL

      1. You’re a coward doing gyms with bots. Go there by yourself motherfucker

  4. Jack says: Reply

    My bot keeps crashing now ever since v48 came out works for about 5 10 mins then Java TM crash.

    1. Marcos Weiler says: Reply

      Sorry, reply to the wrong message.

  5. Jepoy says: Reply

    ANy bot now? it keeps popping that it is not safe. ;(

  6. John says: Reply

    its not working…..the bot will not work with 0.41.0 API

  7. Unik says: Reply

    V63 is working very fine for the last 2 days 🙂

  8. bryan says: Reply

    hi…why pokemon that trying to catch keep fled?

  9. Pang says: Reply

    It is working safe v63 on currently update “0.47.1” pokemon go ? i was get account suspended pokemon go level 34 level. =/ . Please advice.

  10. TimeeFly says: Reply

    Can user find any kind of log after auto-closing? It is quite good function that automatically close the program when CAPTCHA pops up. But user must know the number of pokestops and pokemons they’ve got until closing!(to avoid hitting maximum limitation)

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