Players Pokemon Go asked to stay away from military bases


Pokemon GO players was asked to stay away from military bases. Department National Defence of Canada said that for the current month, there were several penetrations players of the popular game on military bases in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

“Player Pokemon GO, found at the base without the proper pass, will have to face sanctions:. A warning, a fine or arrest, also not recommended to play Pokemon GO in the immediate vicinity of the defense facilities, or in the territory of the raised privacy enterprises”

Game Pokemon GO uses augmented reality technology and people often “lost” in this reality, forgetting the present. Military police in Canada reported that the players have been able to enter the territory of the intelligence center, training ground and at the airport military base.

“In the interests of public safety, the players Pokemon GO should refrain from trying to gain access to the territory of defense objects to search for Pokemons” – said the representative of the Department of Canada National Defence.


Department of Canada National Defence ordered its employees with increased pay attention to the manifestations of suspicious activities around military bases, for example:

  • Man wanders through the base and without stopping looking at his phone
  •  trying to climb over the fence or the other way to get to the closed area
  • He wants to get access to the site without adequate reasons



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