Player has peaked the hightest level in POKEMON GO


Reddit user under the nickname Problemz announced that he has reached its maximum level in the game Pokemon GO. He told how he managed to get 40th level and asked the developer Niantic delete his account.

To achieve level 40th in Pokemon GO Problemz used bot, which made all workfor him. In total, the coach has received 40 million points untill reached the required level. Only to improve from 39th to 40th level need 5 million points. Boat brought his master 280000 points per hour.


Total trainer caught 574 Pokémon and visited more than 7,000 pokestops.

Also Problemz said that he does not want ot play in game Pokemon Go and wanted to know what can be done by using bots.

Despite the fact that players can not independently delete your account, they can submit a request to remove the Pokemon GO account, and Problemz had done.


And how do you feel about the use of bots and cheat programs in the game Pokemon GO?

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