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  • PokeMobBot 2.0.3 for Pokemon Go


    Meet the first bot for Pokemon Go on our website. How to run a bot? To get started go to the PokeMon Bot + vis \ Release 21.8.2016 \ config We find there auth.json file – edit { “AuthType”: “google”, “GooglePassword”: “Your password” – account for google “GoogleRefreshToken”: null, “GoogleUsername”: “Your email” – account for […]

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  • NecroBot v0.9.0 + PogoLocationFeeder v0.1.8.GUI + NecrobotVisualizer v1.0.8 + PokeSniper2 v1.11


    Download: NecroBot+(4PDA_by+eds.rnd).zip (63 Mb) Each bot separately: PokeSniper2_v1.11 (888 Kb) PogoLocationFeeder.v0.1.8 (5.3 Mb) NecroBot 0.9.0 (4 Mb) NecrobotVisualizer Setting: Necrobot: In the Config folder to open auth file. In which you want to fill your account information. GOOGLE “AuthType”: “google”, “GoogleUsername”: “NAME” “GooglePassword”: “PASSWORD” “PtcUsername”: null, “PtcPassword”: null, PTC “AuthType”: “ptc”, “GoogleUsername”: null, “GooglePassword”: null, “PtcUsername”: “NAME” “PtcPassword”: […]

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  • Pokebot GUI | Pokemon List | IV Transfer


    Hello friends, Today, we have found another good bot pokemon go. This bot is easy to configure and help you catch Pokémon. How to install: Download the archive and unpack it. Run the file PokemonGo RocketAPI.Console.ehe and configure it. Click Save Configuration in the bottom right Download: PokeBot4.rar (4 Mb)

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  • PogoLocationFeeder V0.1.8

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    PogoLocationFeeder – program for various corrections in the game. What opportunities do you get if you will set this program? 1. How do you know you can not delete the record of the game, but using this program you will have such opportunity. You can manually delete the records from Pokemon. For example, if you […]

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  • Pokeradar 3.1.0 for GO


    Hello everyone, Short description: Search Pokemon on the map. This is not a map, fill users. Pokeradar – Search Pokemon in real time. Based on the hack used in phyton map. Description: Pokemon Search on the map in real time. Based on the hack used in PokemonMap application on Python. It is convenient to carry with […]

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  • Necrobot_v0.8.6 + PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8


    Hello everyone, Present to you by a new assembly: Necrobot_v0.8.6+ and PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8 from 12.08.2016 (Necrobot in conjunction with PogoLocationFeeder automatically Snipe rare Pokémon, receiving the coordinates online) Note: edit config files, specify: your Google account credentials in \ necro + pogo \ Necrobot \ Config \ auth.json “GoogleUsername”: “email google”, “GooglePassword”: “Password google”, and at least in […]

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  • PokeBuddy Bot for Pokemon Go


    PokeBuddy Boat allows you Autofarm, Autocatch, etc. The main difference between this bot from the others – it is intuitive user interface and easy setup! With “PokeBuddy Bot” you can be a success in Pokemon Go faster. This bot has the PTC / Google Account support, the ability to farm Pokestops, to catch Pokémon, receive various analyzing […]