New update Pokemon GO for Android 0.39.1 and iOS 1.9.0


Hello everyone,

September 23 came out the next update of the game Pokemon GO  and for Android 0.39.1 to iOS 1.9.0. The game has many interesting features, which we’ll tell you more!

What’s new in the update 0.39.1 for Android?

The game has been added a new feature Capture Location, which will record the place where you captured your Pokemon, so you may catch it again. All locations will be recorded in a separate log and will be displayed in the information menu on the main screen of the game.

Added the ability to use Incense bait at catching Pokémon using Pokemon GO Plus.
Fixed a crash bug on a white game loading screen, before this bug is very unnerving users and not cleaned even after you restart the game.

Fixed a bug with the slow movement of the camera during the fighting in the capture Gyms now all the animation is smooth and no freezes.

Also minor interface bugs have been fixed.

Download an updated version of the game Pokemon GO for Android 0.39.1 , you can download on our page, we have updated the original apk file.

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