Necrobot_v0.8.6 + PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8


Hello everyone,

Present to you by a new assembly: Necrobot_v0.8.6+ and PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8 from 12.08.2016 (Necrobot in conjunction with PogoLocationFeeder automatically Snipe rare Pokémon, receiving the coordinates online)


edit config files, specify:
your Google account credentials in \ necro + pogo \ Necrobot \ Config \ auth.json

“GoogleUsername”: “email google”,
“GooglePassword”: “Password google”,

and at least in the initial coordinates \ necro + pogo \ Necrobot \ Config \ config.json

“DefaultLatitude”: 40.778915,
“DefaultLongitude”: -73.962277,

Run through a batch file, you can:

\ Necro + pogo \ Start_Necro + Pogo.bat
or \ necro + pogo \ Start_Necro (restart) + Pogo.bat (bot will restart when suspended)

directly or
\ Necro + pogo \ Necrobot \ NecroBot.exe

and \ necro + pogo \ PogoLocationFeeder \ PogoLocationFeeder.Gui.exe


Necro+Pogo_12.08 (8 Mb)

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  1. kkang says: Reply

    after running for a while, it keeps telling me that there are no available pokestops. Why is that so? Thanks

    1. Belle says: Reply

      It’s great to find somoene so on the ball

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