Make perfect shots in Pokemon Go has became simply


Cover for perfect shots in Pokemon Go
How often are you faced with the fact that your pokeball during the throw deflected to the left or right, and you lose precious pokeballs? Sure most of us have experienced this phenomenon. But do not worry! User Etsy Internet site under the nickname Jcach3DPrinting solved this problem.

Jcach3DPrinting invented Case for iPhone 6, which structurally can more accurately aim at the Pokémon. Cover is printed on the modern technology of 3D-printers. Demand for goods was so great that the store even had to stop taking orders for this product.


On the store page it says that “because of the huge demand for the shop is closed for a few days.” But the owner hastened to reassure them: “In a few days we will again take orders and greatly expand our range.” In the future they plans to meet the players demand for such covers almost all popular phone models.

Less than 10$ you can enjoy how your pokeball flying with a perfect trajectory. What do you think, does it make sense to buy this accessory?)

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