Immediately after the release game Pokemon Go sales of portable batteries in the USA have doubled


A few days ago we published an interesting infographic about the game Pokemon Go, where, among other things, said that particularly active players it takes a big charge of battery. Apparently, the best way out of this situation for many has become commonplace purchase additional laptop battery or as it is often called Power Bank.

The results of recent studies that have been published by NPD Group, indicate that on two weeks (from July 10th to July 23rd) after the release game Pokemon Go (July 6) portable batteries were sold at 101% more than in the same period last year. In absolute terms it is 1.2 million pieces. Importantly, the study covers only the US market.


Analysts NPD Group see Pokemon Go the only logical explanation for this rapid and sudden increase in demand for portable batteries. The report says that before release game the sales growth was only 4%. Thus, the output Pokemon Go very good stimulated demand for portable batteries. Of course, their contribution to this result was made by special batteries as pokeball (in the game – it is a handheld device in the form of a ball for catching and carrying Pokemon).

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