How to Use Lure-module in the Pokemon Go


Lure-module is used in Pokemon Go, to lure Pokemon to certain pokestops and not run around in search of the wild, get lost creatures. In contrast to the bait in Pokemon Go, Lure-module is installed on pokestope and every player who is beside him, could enjoy a Lure-module works. Its use is justified especially when you have the opportunity to collect some “brothers in arms”, to come to pokestops, use the lure – and wait for Pokemon.

How to Use Lure-module in the Pokemon Go


Use Lure-module is extremely simple. It is enough to find it in your inventory (if you have one) and place it on pokestops.

It will run for 30 minutes. At this time around pokestops will experience increased activity of Pokemon. And what’s the difference between a bait and lure-module?


activated anywhere
effective only for one player, activate it
duration of 30-minute


It is activated only pokestops
effective for all players near pokestops
duration of 30-minute
It has enhanced efficacy

As you can see, lure-module is good to use for groups of players, while the bait is more suitable for a single use. And pricey lure-unit for one player.

How to get Lure-module?


Quite often, your coach gets the bait as a bonus for receiving level or visit pokestops. Lure-module, meanwhile, is a rare thing – a player can get his ups every few levels.

Lure-module costs 100 coins. As you can see, the price is not so cheap, so if you have a lure-module – spend it wisely.

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