How to use insence in POKEMON GO


The new game from Nintendo and Niantic uses GPS technology and sends you into the real world – to walk, communicate with others people and explore unfamiliar places. Most players such play in Pokemon Go. insence in Pokemon Go are designed for those who prefer a more “meditative” style of game.

Insence are changing the mechanics of the game Pokemon Go. Typically player uses the GPS-module and a compass inside of smartphone to find and capture Pokémon. Insence allows the coach to stand still but Pokémon will appear near him.

How to use insence in Pokemon Go?

The insence will activate within 30 minutes and attract your Pokémon. Most often it is common Pokemon, but sometimes it can be rare.

It is important to remember that the insence will be active for 30 minutes, regardless of your presence in the game. Therefore, it is not necessary to activate the insence, if after 5 minutes you are going to leave the game. Bait incense is similar to the lure-module, but it can be used anytime, anywhere and it is valid only for the coach to apply it. Lure-module operates on pokestop  and allowing any player to take advantage of the effect from module.

After you activate the insence your character will surround  pink cloud and in the upper right corner of your smartphone will be a countdown timer. In a short time you should see your first Pokemon.

How to get the insence in Pokemon Go

Unlike other items in Pokemon Go games insence quite often reward players for improving their coach. Also, the insence can be purchased in the app store for pokemons.

One Insence costs 80 pokemons 8 – 500 and 25 insence will cost 1250 pokemons.


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