How to turn on camera in the Pokemon GO


Quite often there are questions: “How to turn on the camera in the Pokemon GO?”. And since each question should be the answer, let’s look at how it is still done in the game, and for one know whether to activate it at all.

Does it work my camera?

If at the time of catching Pokémon around it surrounded you see our world, it means the camera is on you, namely, you are now in AR mode (augmented reality). If this means that the camera is turned off in the background you can see the green grass with part of the forest.

How to turn on camera in the Pokemon GO?

What would it do to find the Pokémon on the map and open the capture mode. In the upper right corner you will see not a big switch with inscription AR, he switches the camera mode. Click on the radio button to circle moved to the right. All are now the camera is turned on and in the background, to appear our world.

How to turn off the camera in Pokemon Go?

This is done in the same way as turning on your camera, just switch to the upper right corner of the slider mode AR (augmented reality). It is worth noting that the camera is turned off, is just off mode and augmented reality.

Does not camera works in Pokemon Go

If you have enabled AR mode, as described above, and at the same Pokemon and the environment is not visible, as well as there are games offer to disable AR, then you need to check the gyro sensor in your smartphone. You can do this by reading the characteristics of the smartphone on the Internet, or to find information in the settings. Also, you can download the program Sensor Box for Android and if you will be on the screen is an image, so you do not have a gyroscope and camera mode (AR) will not work accurately. Without gyro in any case, the camera mode will not work and will not fix it, it’s not a bug in the game.


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