With the release of a new update Pokemon GO, many users have been able to run the game on smartphones with Android and route-rights. Today I want to introduce you tested on many devices, a way to run Pokemon GO on the Android with Root. The method is suitable for Android versions 6+ (Marshmallow). Maybe use it on older versions – but the author does not recommend.

Instructions relatively short and requires the user to a specific experience in the firmware of your device and fine-tuning. Therefore, if you do not understand many things in this guide – it is better not to try

Running on Android GO Pokemon with Root
Ideally, you should have a clean default firmware. Therefore, the author recommends to reset your phone to the factory default settings. The method was tested on the Nexus 5 – and Android Pay, and Pokemon GO worked without problems.

Be sure to back up your data!
Install Material Design Xposed Installer


Flash the last SuperSU


Flash the suhide


Flash the Systemless Xposed v86.2 (Magisk not needed)


Download “Snorlax” module for Xposed

Connect your smartphone to your computer in the ADB mode

Open a terminal window and type adb devices (You may need to add ‘sudo’ to the inscription “adb”)

Make sure you are connected to your device (you should see your device in the list – if it is not, then you need to include the “Developer mode” and “debugging on USB”.

Then, type adb shell (You may need to add ‘sudo’ to the inscription “adb”)
Then type su

You should see a “#” at the beginning of the line, instead of “$

and finally enter the

echo '#!/su/bin/sush\nmount -o rw,remount rootfs /\nchmod 0751 /\nmount -o ro,remount rootfs /'>/su/su.d/06suhide; chmod 0700 /su/su.d/06suhide

In one line!

Reboot your device and enjoy the work of Android Pay and Pokemon GO smartphone with Android and root.

If you use the manual, you will need to enter the command rm /su/su.d/06suhide before the next update suhide

As you can see, the instruction fairly short, but requires skill and knowledge, which are not mentioned in it. I hope you were able to run Pokemon GO on the Android with root. Or perhaps you know more elegant methods for solving this problem?


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