pokemon go ios install

How to install Pokemon Go to IOS before the official release

So, before you have a small and simple instruction. I’ll tell you how to install the Pokemon Go on iOS before the official release Pokemon Go around the world. Take out your your iPhone and iPad – and  let’s go!

In order to download the app on your phone or tablet, we need to use the Apple ID of the USA, Australia, Germany or New Zealand (as of this writing).

Exit the current Apple ID on your phone. To do this, go to “Settings» – «AppleID». Click on AppleID and log out.

Go into “Settings” – “General” – “Language and Region”, change the region in Australia, Germany, New Zealand or the United States and close the settings.

Now back in the AppStore, and are looking for Pokemon GO again. If the game does not appear – do not worry. Just try to download any free application and select the “Create a new Apple ID», when the system prompts you to do this.

Follow the Creation Wizard ID. Payment information is not specified. Specify any real address in the US / Australia / New Zealand / Germany (easy to find in a network).

Now go to the App Store and download Pokemon GO. Now, you can to get out of your fake Apple ID and come into using your real.

When the game will be released in your country, simply remove the Pokemon GO and re-download it, now under real Apple ID. Do not worry, your progress must not be lost, as it is stored on the servers of the game.

I’m sure you can to install Pokemon GO for iPhone and iOS through this manual. Play and share your impressions with us =)