How to fight in Pokemon Go

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Capturing Pokemon in game Pokemon Go and its improvement and evolution is only a part of the game, all of this is necessary for the battles in the halls (GYMS). So how do you fight with other players? Here is instructions:

Battle technique in Pokemon Go:

Battles in Pokemon Go is like other mobile games: Infinity Blade. So to battle, you need click on the screen  and so on. As soon as you start battle, quickly start to click on the screen, it will battle your Pokémon. When the enemy starts to attack you, you need to swipe on screen left or right, these actions will help to dodge his attacks.

Also, each Pokemon has a super ability, so-called Ulta, this Ultra accumulates during the application of the common shock and the scale of it, you can see above, under the band of life your pokemon. There will be a small band divided into compartments, which gradually filled. To make superhit you need click for a short time on the screen and hold, then, your pokemon can uses Ulta.
By the way, this super hit randomly generated and the same Pokemon can have different hit.


What pokemon choose for battle:

Having the correct technique of battle, do not need to forget that this is only a 50% success rate. A very important aspect of the game is the right choice Pokémon for the battle. Also there are many  types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, they are different relations to each others. For example water pokemon stronger than fire, fire than beetles, herbal than water and so on. There are 4 degrees of effectiveness your Pokemon:

1) Not effective (0% damage)
2) Ineffective (50% damage)
3) Normal efficiency (100% damage)
4) Good performance (200% damage)
A complete table of  Pokemon forces correlation you can look at the following pictures:

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