How to catch Pokémon after level 20


Hunting on Pokemon is a main task of the game. You need to find as much creatures as you can. But catch them become harder and harder with any new level.

Pokemon will be able to run after several attempts to catch them or begin to better evade from pokeball. In this tutorial we will see how to catch pokemon with high level. Also we want to noting that the difficulty in catching will encounter players not only 20 levels. Sometimes even players  7-8 levels will be difficult to cope some creatures.

Capture on emotions

Each creature will make the gestures that define its status (angry or happy). You need to get out of a backpack berries (Razz Berery), which can lure Pokémon, then only wait for emotions. This trick works with most players.

Rough capture

The main feature of this method is that you need to throw pokeball immediately after the animation is complete. ‘


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