How quickly get level 30th?


For rapid progress in the game you will need to get the most experience per unit of time. For such action  player is awarded a maximum amount of HP?

500 HP – evolution pokemon (Evolve).
500 HP – capture a new pokemon.
200 HP – Pokémon hatching from an egg.
150 HP – Victory Pokémon in Gym.
100 HP – capture Pokémon.
100 HP – a superb cast
100 HP – battle with Pokémon trainer in the Gym.

If you look closely, for the evolution of the Pokémon (EVOLVE!) Give a lot of experience, and it takes only a few seconds. However, the evolution of the monster is not possible without a sufficient amount of sweets (Candy). But they are easy to get if you stick to the following strategy:

Find a spot on the map where is located neer several pokestops. Set on each of them lure for Pokemon (Lure Module). It will be half an hour to attract monsters. Capture all the Pokémon you come across. Many players have reported that the number of monsters, attracted by such method is so great that even do not have time to collect them.


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