How do I change my team?


Select a team in the game Pokemon Go can be immediately after the coach to reach level 5. The team plays an important role during the entire trip. The trainers all over the world are divided into three groups: Instinct (Yellow), Mystery (Blue), Courage (Red).

None of these commands has no special advantage over his opponent. Your strength and your victory depends not on what you command, and on what Pokemon you own.

Each group is associated with the legendary Pokémon. Mystic team – it Artikuno, Courage team – Zapdos, and instincts Team – Maltros. Thus, you can even select your team according to your liking, or proximity to any of these Pokémon.

How to change the team in Pokemon Go?


There is no way by which you can change the originally selected command. Approach to the issue of choice responsibly from the beginning, because your team will remain at your entire future history of the account in Pokemon, Go.

But what to do if I’m not satisfied with the selected team?
You have 2 options:
First, create a new account and start your journey to the Pokemon Go from the ground up. If you wish, you can reach the 8-9 level already for two days.

Second: Create a powerful team in the group you selected. Look for rare Pokémon, meet with strong trainers, train yourself and be the strongest in the field.

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  1. Hjalleo3 says: Reply

    I would like to change from team Valor to team Mystic.

  2. TeamRocket says: Reply

    Team Mystic? you mean Team Mistake?! Team Valor allways better and faster, just like Team Rocket

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