Hackers brought down Pokémon Go servers

Hackers brought down Pokémon Go servers

On Saturday, July 16, 2016, Pokemon Go server experienced a serious problem. This time it took responsibility for the group of hackers.

Servers Pokemon Go «fallen» on Saturday, causing millions of active users can not get access to the game. Players in the US and throughout Europe could not enter the the game or the game strongly “buggy.” Responsibility for the attack on the server took a group of hackers «PoodleCorp».

It is still unclear whether the hackers «PoodleCorp» to the output the server fails or is it just a coincidence blame. Most experts agree that the server simply did not survive the burst of activity of new players from Canada and Europe.

«PoodleCorp» insisting that they are responsible for the DDoS attack on the game! In addition, they promise that on 1 August will put the server again for at least 20 hours. Is this, we learn very soon, but it looks quite doubtful and very similar to the “cheap” advertising.

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