GoSim v.1.22.0 [Android]


Hello everyone,

Meet one of the best bots for Pokemon Go on Android. This bot has the following features:

Features :
– Auto walking (on the route or accidentally)
– Catching Pokemon
– Loot pokestop
– Unlock Game
– Transfer Pokemon Professor
– Pokemon evolution
– Incubation of eggs
– 4 types of speed
– Etc.

gosim-1 gosim-12

Go bot 21

Attention! All the actions you do on your own risk! The game was introduced bans (not only softban), so I recommend to use Slow-Medium speed to avoid making the ban on 99.9%

1. Install the APK
2. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Login info
3. Enter the data (if Google, we write with @ gmail.com)
4, then move the slider to “Is google account” If you have a Google Account

All settings in the bot are made “Bot settings”.

Do not forget about Pokemon Settings!

There is also an additional opportunity to click on the map indicate the location of the point of your bot.

This bot works without problems on emulators. So if you are not working bots on windows, you can run on an emulator or mobile device.


gosim-1.22.0.apk (12.9 Mb)

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15 Comment

  1. DB says: Reply

    How do you set up the transfer by IV value?

  2. Teofisto Magtoto says: Reply

    For me, this does not work anymore. Even PokeBot, maybe because of the new security features Niantic implemented.

  3. Emas says: Reply

    This isn’t working at all

  4. Nico says: Reply

    Pokemon Are nice

  5. JE says: Reply

    Mine has been running around for 30 min. No xp, no pokemon, no items, and hasn’t hit any stops. It has walked halfway through central park already. Is it broken?

  6. Jerry says: Reply

    I am getting a message that says, “Please clean intall application. You still have old one data.”

  7. Rizky says: Reply

    This is app not work please new update

  8. RP says: Reply

    same here… getting nothing in terms of xp, stops at all….

  9. Sniku says: Reply

    Isnt working!!!

  10. fredclever says: Reply

    I used the bot for a little time. But after a couple hours the apk crashes. But it crashes only with this account. I tried anonother one anderen it worked fine

  11. Laila says: Reply

    It is not working for level 21 or higher.

  12. jen says: Reply

    “Failed to initalize service. Please restart application ”
    help ;

  13. liliw says: Reply

    In that case. You need to login your acc. In pokemon go then go back to gosim.

  14. Ls says: Reply

    I went to pogo then went back to gosim but it doenst work…it stops all the time(in case of my first account.) my second account works.

  15. arish says: Reply

    it is not getting update please tell us if it isnt going to update we all are waiting so much
    now ecery other bots are updated to new api please update this one 2 please

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