There is F.A.Q. for Pokemon GO game. It will be constantly updated.


What is it Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO – it is an augmented reality game that will use geolocation to encourage you for research the world. The game will be released for Android and iOS platforms. Also in the game will be used Pokemon GO Plus device that will connect to your phone by bluetooth and inform players about the events in the game through the light display and vibration. World of Pokemon Go will be more real through the use of GPS and will be populated by Pokémon, which can catch, train, share and engage in battle with other players.

Who are develops of Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go was developing by company Niantic, also known for the production of augmented reality game Ingress. The bracelet Pokemon Go Plus was made by Nintendo. And, of course, it has not been the case with the Pokemon Company.

When will start game Pokemon Go?

Game Pokemon Go was released in July 2016.

Where can I download Pokemon GO?

You can download Pokemon GO from our website. You can download Pokemon Go for Android and  iOS.

How to participate in the beta test Pokemon GO?

The beta test is closed, the game is already out.

According to the official website the beta test Pokemon GO is closed and there is no opportunity to take part in it.

But beta-test Pokemon GO was in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and  United States.

How much will cost Pokemon GO?

Game Pokemon GO will be free, but in application will present premium content. You will able play without it but the purchase of content much faster will advance you in the game.

Where can watch the gameplay of Pokemon GO?

There are many video in internet about Pokemon GO gameplay. See the most interesting thing in the “Video”

How much will cost Pokemon GO Plus device?

Price Pokemon Go Plus – $ 34.99.


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