Eternal bot v0.99


About bot
Eternal bot – this boat for Pokemon Go
Boat developed for earnings: experience, Pokemon, Pokestops, Gyms, etc.
Runs on your PC running Windows OS
To start the bot must install java 8 here


– For a long time.
– Ability to minimize to the system tray.
– Behaves like a human.
– Battle in the halls
– Beautiful GUI
– Simple system commands
– Works with a telegram
– Graphical Console

– Table Pokémon with detailed information about them
– Flexible configuration
– Navigation google map
– Quick catch Pokemon
– Conducts Statistics
– Edit color scheme
– Caches data – minimizes requests to the server
– Fast algorithms work
– Works with multiple accounts at once
– Listen to your opinion
– All absolutely free

More screenshots:

Main screen:


The main screen (login):




Storage Pokemon:



Eternal bot x32 (19 Mb)

Eternal bot x64 (19 Mb)

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5 Comment

  1. Long says: Reply

    Just 1 question: how to change location on map? Thanks

  2. Marcos Weiler says: Reply

    DAMN! This one uses A LOT of CPU!!!

  3. Gogo says: Reply

    Any update comming?

  4. RP says: Reply

    installed the java 8 but the app never finds it.

  5. Dr. Drew says: Reply


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