Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go


One of the main aspects of  Pokemon Go game, is prorolling your character. It depends on a lot of factors. Therefore, the desire of quick prorolling is quite correct. And for this there is such thing as a Lucky Egg in game Pokemon Go. Let’s find out what it gives for us and why needs:

What it gives:

It is a wonderful booster of experience and only one in the game. Using it, you can get a doubling experience of result for 30 minutes. Therefore it is very important to use the egg in correct time.

How to Use egg Lucky Egg:

One of the best cases is to collect as many Pokemon as you can then transfer them not relevant on candy, use the inventory egg Lucky Egg and then start all Pokémon evolve. Thus, you will get crazy boost experience.

Where can I get Lucky Egg:

The first time you will get one egg for the capture of 9 level of your character. Also will get 1 egg on 10 and 15 levels and only 2 eggs on 20. “But we need more eggs!”, If you think so, then you need in the game store. There for game currency, you can buy more eggs.


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