Discord PokeSniper + PokeSniper2 + Masterball


Discord PokeSniper – Auto Sniper Pokemon. This bot will help you automatically to catch the best Pokemon.

How to use and istall:

  • Download Discord PokeSniper (link bellow), pokesniper2_v1-23 and masterball_v1-4
  • extract all files Discord PokeSniper to any folder.
  • extract all files PokeSniper2 and put all files in the same folder with Discord PokeSniper, edit the user.xml file to fit your user details.
  • extract all files MasterballCreate new folder in the folder where discordPokesniper.jar is and name it “masterball”, edit the user.xml file in masterball folder with same details PokeSniper2
  • run discordPokesniper.jar or Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat
    the Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat if for debug only.

Or all instsllation in one gift:


More screenshots:

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discordpokesniper-v2-5 (5 Mb)

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    when i write LocalStorage,token this appears:Uncaught ReferenceError: LocalStorage is not defined
    at :1:1

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