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  • Pokemon go for Windows


    Pokemon Go Game now is available on Android and iOS. Users of these operating systems already being driven to the cities and collect Pokemons. But how are users with smartphones on operating system Windows? Do Pokemon Go for Windows phones? There is no game for Windows and will not be exact in soon time. Developers will not take […]

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  • How to attack correct


    A simple method of evasion and attack will help you cope with the enemy any level. It is enough to follow the yellow “flash” your opponent and immediately dodge the impending attack. At the beginning of each battle your enemy will immediately attack 2 times. Now you know you need to dodge quickly! After dodging (holding […]

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  • Tips for players Pokemon GO.


    1. Do not waste Stardust In the beginning a lot of dust, and the power-up cheap. Do not give in to temptation! 2. Arenas? At first, ignore them. The first 10 levels better catch, learn and study places. From 10-15 levels better walk through the area with friends or players from team, repel the arena or get arena […]

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  • How to use insence in POKEMON GO


    The new game from Nintendo and Niantic uses GPS technology and sends you into the real world – to walk, communicate with others people and explore unfamiliar places. Most players such play in Pokemon Go. insence in Pokemon Go are designed for those who prefer a more “meditative” style of game. Insence are changing the mechanics […]

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  • Hackers brought down Pokémon Go servers

    Hackers brought down Pokémon Go servers

    On Saturday, July 16, 2016, Pokemon Go server experienced a serious problem. This time it took responsibility for the group of hackers. Servers Pokemon Go «fallen» on Saturday, causing millions of active users can not get access to the game. Players in the US and throughout Europe could not enter the the game or the game […]