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  • The rarest Pokemon in POKEMON GO


    One Reddit user recently wrote that he was able to catch all the Pokémon available in North America. Their number was 142. But where are the rest rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Finding the three Pokémon that are not able to catch the player, it is quite well known. Farfetch’d lives in Asia, Kangaskhan in Australia […]

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  • Map locations with Pokemon

    Map locations with Pokemon

    Hello everyone, Today, surf Githab came across just such an interesting map. This is a map of the world indicating pokestops, gyms, and previously Catching Pokémon in a variety of locations around the world. You have a a unique chance to help other players, and so much to learn himself) So if all of a sudden […]

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  • Pokemon GO officially released in Japan


    Today July 22nd 2016 popular massively multiplayer online game Pokemon GO was officially released in Japan. Now all fans of Pokemon on the homeland can install the app from the AppStore and Play Market official stores. The game is passed on so much that the site of Pokemon GO in Japan appeared overwhelmed and unavailable because of the […]

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  • The guy in the USA caught all Pokemons!

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    Today, well-known Reddit site was published an article in which one guy shows all caught Pokémons. At the moment, there are only 142 of them. On the screenshot attached comment of this great catcher Pokemons: “I caught every Pokemon currently available in the United States.” Well, we can congratulate him, he passed the game Pokemon Go 🙂