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  • FASTPOKEMAP working again


    Earlier, the creator of Pokemon tracker FastPokeMap promised that the new service will work on the weekends. And he kept his promise! Now is the only workable FastPokeMap map. FastPokeMap – Pokemon a map that works Currently FastPokeMap quite efficient, although somewhat unstable. Let while the service is not working at full strength – but […]

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  • How quickly get level 30th?


    For rapid progress in the game you will need to get the most experience per unit of time. For such action  player is awarded a maximum amount of HP? 500 HP – evolution pokemon (Evolve). 500 HP – capture a new pokemon. 200 HP – Pokémon hatching from an egg. 150 HP – Victory Pokémon in […]

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  • Where to find Pikachu?


    The first method is very simple! All of you remember that in the beginning of the game you are given a choice between three Pokémons – Chermanderom, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But not many people know that if they do not catch them and pass away then the first will appear Pikachu. Most likely, this is a reference […]

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  • All kinds pokeballs in Pokemon Go


    At this time game Pokemon Go has 3 types pokeballs, but soon will appear 4th. They look all in different and different their parameters, and thus the application situation. Lets look at 3 pokeball which are already in the game: What pokeballs are: First list them and after that analyze on each details: 1) PokeBall (Standard Pokeball) 2) […]