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  • How to Use Lure-module in the Pokemon Go


    Lure-module is used in Pokemon Go, to lure Pokemon to certain pokestops and not run around in search of the wild, get lost creatures. In contrast to the bait in Pokemon Go, Lure-module is installed on pokestope and every player who is beside him, could enjoy a Lure-module works. Its use is justified especially when […]

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  • Server Status Pokemon Go

    Server Status Pokemon Go

    You are going to go in search of Pokemon? Great idea, but we recommend that you first check the status of the game servers Pokemon Go. As the popularity of the game is very large and a very large number of people willing worldwide hunt for Pokemon, as well as due to cases of malicious […]

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  • Table Pokemon rarity

    Pokemon go raruty

    Hello everybody, Player “RotomGuy” created a table Pokemon rarity. Actively catch Pokemon, increasing your level, as a rare Pokémon begin to appear close to the level 8. Here is an approximate table Pokemon rarity. Note that the table may be different for your area.

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  • Cheats in the game Pokemon Go

    Cheat Codes

    Cheats Pokemon Go: how to find the legendary Pokemon to get free coins and find more Poke Ball without a walk? The popularity of Pokemon Go is gaining momentum. The rapidly increasing number of players who are looking for cheats for Pokemon Go. Interesting to them how to get more coins hatched an egg without a walk […]

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  • How do I change my nickname?


    Hello everyone, Today, we are risen the question of how to change the team in Pokemon Go. Now, you will learn how you can change the nickname in this game. Nickname can change only those players who used the information identifying their personality. To change the nickname pereydtite this link and fill out this form. The […]