Catchem bot v1.6.3.1


Hello Friends,

They waited for the new bot with a pleasant interface? Lunat1k player created it for you.
In addition, there is a little below the video on configuring a bot. Enjoy the game !

Note: Use at your own risk.

ChangeLoG v1.6.3.1:

Inventory reworked, should be no more problems with it
Poke Catching should no longer show weird “Attention” messages or make then really rare
Map glitch when it looks like teleport after Start/Stop fixed
Regular update of language files, if you still see some errors, please fix them in PR
Code reorganization but not sure you care about that 😛
You will see ban ‼️ and warning ⚠️ messages fron Niantic now in console

The latest version of the source

Video settings:

More screenshots:

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Download: (1 Mb)

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16 Comment

  1. Edson says: Reply

    Error map, please.

    Exception: (403)

  2. Mark J says: Reply

    is this working??

  3. Sade says: Reply

    Working 100% thaks but nox still not support please help i wnt to gym back

  4. gravity says: Reply

    this version is pretty cool,.but,.Error map?what are the compatible netframework version for this game and OS?please specify,.at first it is working at netframework 4.5.2/windows7-64bit and after few minutes the maps not working,.

  5. Anthony says: Reply

    Does this work with the new Pokemon GO 0.39 API?

  6. CT says: Reply


  7. TokitoFS says: Reply

    NOT WORKING…!!! 10.oct.2016

  8. dan says: Reply


  9. eri says: Reply

    no aparecen las pokeparasas ni los pokemon

  10. Ivan says: Reply

    NOT WORKING! 29.oct.2016

  11. antonio says: Reply

    que api lleva? la nueva? 0.47.1?

  12. e says: Reply

    ne deluje

  13. badri says: Reply

    please update the bot for generation 2

  14. Túlio says: Reply

    Alguém conseguiu usar recentemente?

  15. Minnttyy says: Reply

    Não estou Achando o arquivp .exe par ainiciar o programa, alguem me ajuda

  16. Relox says: Reply

    not found

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