Calculator Combat Powet Pokemon after evolution


Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go game has such an important parameter as CP (Combat Powet). It is usually found on the head Pokémon and shows its strength. Also, we can carry out the evolution of the Pokémon, and thus make it stronger and better.

And here is very important point.  If you spending evolution over Pokémon with a certain amount CP, then we get a new form. In this form option is increased in certain respects the initial value CP. In other words, if your Pokémon was CP 250 before evolution after it the value will increase and become – 370.

Each Pokémon has different increase in Combat Power  and if you want to know what the CP will have your Pokemon after evolution and in whom it evolves, you can use this calculator.

How to use the calculator:

In the first box, select the name of your Pokémon, and the second write its current CP and then click the button EVOLVE.
As a result, output the following message on the similarity of this: “. Your Abra will evolve into a Kadabra with 204-292 Combat Power (CP) (1.36-1.95)”.

Calculator Combat Powet


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